MARNITA SCHROEDL, Founder/Catalyst, has held senior positions at leading entertainment and marketing firms in Los Angeles and Minneapolis . She also has extensive experience in delivering executive leadership training for non-profits and for-profit clients, including Fortune 500 firms. Marnita is a community activist and writer whose work often involves building cross-cultural connections across ethnic, age, and gender lines.

Marnita is the host of “Marnita's Table,” a television show currently in production with Twin Cities Public Television (TPT). The program centers on the discussion that takes place at the dinner table when people from different cultures meet to find common ground. Marnita's Table is slated to air on TPT in late 2005. Marnita is a frequently sought after public speaker on such issues as how to engage families of children of color in their children's education and expanding health care access for people of color.